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Publishing professional with more than 15 years of experience producing books and journals in a variety of areas but notably in the social sciences, medical sciences, and research methods. I have edited and produced fiction as well as trade, academic, and scholarly nonfiction. Editorial personnel management is also in the wheelhouse.

Seen some things.


Writing since forever but allergic to publishing my own material. Attempting to change. I enjoy writing short-form and long-form fiction as well as creative and prescriptive nonfiction.


Cultivating alternate ways to deploy the written or spoken word. Some of the ways I do this include making lists, creating and sending snail mail, journaling, and oral storytelling.


On the outskirts of the word world, I devote time to developing strategies for coping with mental health challenges, looking for novel and effective ways to organize everything, and committing targeted acts of guerilla kindness.

Opinionated Feminist//LGBTQ++//BLM//Capslock Enthusiast//Hold My Beer



#1 Best Creative Partner Est. 2012


Enjoys sleeping in my office, barking in my office, barking during Zoom meetings (in my office or right outside my office), and just generally existing in and around my office.

If we Zoom you are 100% seeing Maxine.

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